Forklift Capacity (Data) Plates

Often called a Forklift data plate or a forklift nameplate, forklift capacity plates include important information such as weight, fuel type, and forklift load capacity.

The information included on capacity plates include:

  • Model number
  • Serial Number
  • Mast Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Back Tilt
  • Attachments
  • Front Tread
  • Tire Size
  • Truck Weight
  • Forklift Diagram
  • Horizontal load centre
  • Vertical load centre
  • Maximum fork height


Electric Forklift Capacity Plates are similar to standard data plates, but include with some additional information. Electric forklift Capacity plates display information related to the forklift’s electrical system and battery requirements. These are necessary to ensure the operator is using the correct battery and charging equipment for the electric forklift.

Capacity Plates
Capacity Plates

Capacity Plates Black
Capacity Plates Black

Forklift Rating Plate
Forklift Rating Plate

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